Bronze Finish Aluminum Animals Sale Priced at 1/10th the Price of Bronze
DEER STATUE LIFE SIZE Save 50%, LIFE SIZE ELK Save 50%, LIFE SIZE BEARS SAVE 50%, LIFE SIZE HORSES, LIFE SIZE EAGLES, LIFE SIZE COUGARS, ALUMINUM FOUNTAINS Save 50%, LIFE SIZE BUFFALOES, LIFE SIZE BIGFOOT STATUES Save 50%,  ALUMINUM DEER Save 50%, DEER YARD ART, Bigfoot Statues, Sasquatch Statues, Yeti Statues and 100's of Other Items!                                                                                                                                   

Lions and Tigers are Separate Listings
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 Cougar/Panther  #6  without Rock Base
 H: 15"  L: 61"  W: 17 50 lbs.
 Retail Price: $1199.00 (Includes Bronze Finish)

   Your Sale Price $599.00

 Cougar/Panther #6 with Rock Base
 H: 58"  L: 49"  W: 26" 80 lbs.
 Retail Price: $1999.00 (Includes Bronze Finish)
   Your Sale Price $999.00      


 Walking Cougar/Panther Life Size #6.2W
  H. 24"  L. 43" W. 13"
  Retail Price $1198.00
       YOUR SALE PRICE $599.00



Cougar/Panther  Sitting #6
H: 15"  L: 61"  W: 17   50 lbs.
Retail Price: $1199.00 (Includes Bronze Finish)

  Your Sale Price $599.00

Wall Hanging Cougar #3747
H: 17" W: 10"
Retail Price: $399.00 (Includes Bronze Finish)
  Your Sale Price $199.00 (Painted in Natural Colors $249.00)

 Bobcat, Wildcat, Lynx  #6.2W  H: 41"  L: 36"  W: 21"  200 lbs. Base 21" X 24" 
 Retail Price:   $3799.00 (Includes Bronze Finish)  
    Your Sale Price $1899.00


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